Nylon Seine Twine Braided

Braided seine twine has a good breaking strength for a small twine. Superior to twisted seine twine for holding knots. Excellent resistance to rot, abrasion, mildew, marine growth, petroleum products, and most chemicals. Many uses include: fishing line, net repair, plumb line, chalk line, and duck decoy line.

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Product Specifications
TWNBG8Neon Green#18½ lb500ft160lbs
TWNBO8Neon Orange#18½ lb500ft160lbs
TWNBP8Neon Pink#18½ lb500ft160lbs
TWNBW8White#18½ lb500ft160lbs
TWNBY8Neon Yellow#18½ lb500ft160lbs
TWNBG16Neon Green#181 lb1000ft160lbs
TWNBO16Neon Orange#181 lb1000ft160lbs
TWNBP16Neon Pink#181 lb1000ft160lbs
TWNBW16White#181 lb1000ft160lbs
TWNBY16Neon Yellow#181 lb1000ft160lbs

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