Commercial Marine

A large selection of mooring lines is always available. We carry both Superdan high strength polypropylene and dual fiber polyester/polypropylene blended mooring lines. All mooring lines are supplied with either ABS or Lloyds certificates. Alternative large diameter nylon and UHMWPE ropes are also available, as are tow lines and related marine hardware.

Tarred Marlin Polyester Twine

Tarred Marlin Polyester Twine Our heavy tarred marlin polyester is manufactured from 100% continuous filament cabled polyester. It is waxed, or tarred, for tying and lacing. Applications Commercial Marine Fishing Code Color Size Inch Weight TMTW1 Brown 1/8... read more

Double Braid Polyester Rope

Double Braid Polyester Rope Polyester combines high strength with low stretch properties. Good UV resistance and holds up well against the elements. Available colors white with a colored tracer. Additional sizes and colors available to special order Standard reels of... read more

Double Braid Nylon Rope

Double Braid Nylon Rope Nylon has excellent stretch and recovery characteristics, and is used in many anchoring and mooring applications. Good for shock loading applications such as anchor, mooring, towing and dock lines. Excellent shock absorption properties.... read more

12 Strand UHMWPE Rope

12 Strand UHMWPE Rope Our heat-treated 12 strand single braid UHMwPE rope with polyurethane coating is a torque-free 12-strand single braid that yields a maximum strength-to-weight ratio. With the same strength as steel wire rope of similar diameter, this rope is an... read more

8 Strand Superdan Polypropylene Mooring Line

8 Strand Superdan Polypropylene Mooring Line 8 strand high strength polypropylene mooring lines, used for mooring larger vessels. These ropes have a high strength to weight ratio, float and do not absorb water. Additionally they have high resistance to abrasion and... read more

8 Strand Nylon Rope

8 Strand Nylon Rope 8 Strand plaited nylon rope is a non-rotational rope that eliminates hocking and other problems associated with twisted anchor lines. Nylon is known for its elasticity and tremendous shock absorbing qualities. Other properties include good abrasion... read more

8 Strand Maxiflex Dual Fiber Mooring Line

8 Strand Maxiflex Dual Fiber Mooring Line 8 strand high strength polyester/polypropylene blended mooring lines, used formooring larger vessels. OCIMF approved for use with oil tankers. These ropes havea higher strength to weight ratio than regular mooring lines and... read more

3 Strand Polypropylene Rope

3 Strand Polypropylene Rope Polypropylene is a lightweight and strong general purpose rope. It is rot proof and unaffected by water, oil, gasoline, and most chemicals. Polypropylene floats yet it is twice as strong as manila. Our regular mono filament polypropylene... read more

3 Strand Polydac Combo Rope

3 Strand Polydac Combo Rope Polydac rope is made from a combination of polyester and polypropylene fibers and is an excellent, low cost, general utility rope. This economical, high strength rope has very low stretch properties, high abrasion resistance and is easily... read more

3 Strand Nylon Rope

3 Strand Nylon Rope 3-strand twisted nylon is known for its elasticity and tremendous shock absorbing qualities. When new, nylon ropes can stretch up to 35% of their length before break. Stretch characteristics will reduce relative to the amount of use and can lose... read more